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Why we create

  • The Power of Video Communication

    In a world of constant information flows, where generations are brought up on a diet of cinema, YouTube clips and TV commercials, video is what we are programmed to pay attention to. It's said that one picture says more than a thousand words. Video has an even greater power: to grab you and suck you in, to steal your attention from everything you have on hand. Frankly, video is reshaping internet and communication.

  • Beauty. Feelings. Atmosphere.

    We create films that people want to watch. Because of its beauty and because it brings through the feeling and the atmosphere of the moment. Too many films are made without that extraordinary touch, that catches the interest and heart of the viewer. We simply want to change that.

  • For a Better World

    We don't make just any film. We want to use our film capacities to promote initiatives that supports a better world, that wants to make a change, or questions the status quo. Because the world needs more of these initiatives, and they deserve a great deal of attention.